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  • ‘Transitioning Together’ – Consultancy Package


    A bespoke program of support for employees who are transitioning in the workplace, together with their line managers.  It includes training in understanding trans and non-binary identities, the ‘Four Keys’ mental wellbeing self-care strategies, creating an effective action plan to prevent transphobic harassment, and pre-empting any logistical challenges.  Comprises 4 x half-day sessions delivered in person, if feasible, or the equivalent in live online training spread over a convenient number of days.

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  • Four Keys to Mental Wellbeing – Self-Paced Online Course


    Discover the ‘Four Keys to Mental Wellbeing’ strategies for LGBTQ+ self-care: reconnecting with nature, creativity, community, and movement.  This six-module introductory course will help you to understand each strategy and reflect on how you might fit it into your lifestyle, to support your mental wellbeing as you finally let go of other people’s expectations and give yourself permission to show up as your true self.

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  • Full Day Seminar – Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing


    Book a full-day seminar for your workplace to explore how the Diversity & Inclusion agenda (gender-appropriate facilities, ending casual homophobia and transphobia, active listening, safe spaces, action networks, etc.) can transform staff motivation, productivity and wellbeing.  Includes training in the ‘Four Keys’ self-care strategies, understanding sexual orientation and gender diversity, and how to be an effective ally to trans and non-binary people.

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  • Half Day Seminar – Diversity, Inclusion & Wellbeing


    Select from any of the topics offered for the Full Day Seminar and design your own agenda.  We can provide bespoke half-day seminars for LGBTQ+ charities, Police LAGLOs, Equality and Diversity advisers, and similar professionals who want to add our ‘Four Keys’ mental wellbeing strategies to their existing Diversity & Inclusion work.  We also offer half-day programs aimed at helping mental health professionals to understand trans and non-binary identities.

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  • Rainbow Leadership Academy – Transformational Facilitator Training


    A 12-month life coaching program to help you work on your self-acceptance and confidence, manage your dysphoria, boost your creativity, and become the leader you were always meant to be!  You’ll learn to use the ‘Four Keys to Mental Wellbeing’ self-care strategies effectively in your own life, communicate them to others online and face-to-face, and facilitate your own Four Keys workshops.  Includes Four Keys Facilitator certification.

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