Our team:

Ash Brockwell
Ashley Brockwell

Ashley Brockwell

Founder and CEO. Ash is a freelance management consultant and transformational facilitator with nearly two decades of experience (some of it international) in wellbeing, strategic planning, personal growth and organisational change work. He holds Masters degrees from the University of Oxford (Biochemistry) and University of Kent (Environmental Anthropology). Before coming out as transgender in 2018 and changing his name, he worked as a Research Associate for a small public health initiative based at the University of Oxford and as a Research Fellow at the University of Brighton, and co-authored more than 30 academic papers as well as co-editing two books. His consultancy clients have included schools, charities, universities, community-university partnerships, social enterprises, and most recently Hampshire Police.

What He Can Offer

  • Management Consultantcy

What is he good at?

Project Evaluation - 95%
Biochemistry - 75%


Ash Brockwell
Kay Whitehurst

Kay Whitehurst

Kay is a talented creative, with skills and experience in Web Development, Data Analysis, Project Management, Systems and Database Administration. She began programming at an early age with an early Psion handheld computer and quickly became an expert on Visual Basic. Through work experience she began building her Office skillset and is now one of the most trusted Excel experts in her field. Working in the logistics sector, she has built a vast network of contacts who have allowed her the privilege to work and gain the kley commercial imperatives, from Budget Setting and Forecasting through to Personnell Management and Product Visualisation. A true entrepeneur, she thrives on a good challenge, and so you will find her hard at work most times of the day or night.

What She Can Offer

  • Web Design
  • Wordpress Templates
  • VBA Scripts and Advanced Spreadsheets
  • System Builds and Server Maintenance
  • System Recovery
  • Project Management
  • Continuous Improvement Analysis
  • Industrial Engineering

What is she good at

VBA - 90%
HTML5 - 90%
CSS3 - 80%
Javascript - 50%
PHP - 80%
Excel Spreadsheet Design - 95%
Database Design - 70%
Costing Analysis - 60%
Process Mapping and Value Stream Mapping - 60%